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I was ready to sell my home to get a larger one, but now I have found
so much space, and I still have room to grow!  
--T. H.
Real Estate Developer
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I just had to tell you that once again, your organization
system has saved my life.  Last week, I was so excited to book a nice
7-day Caribbean Cruise for T., L., and I, for May.  Unbeknownst to me,
until after I had paid of course, it is now necessary to have a
passport for traveling in the Caribbean.  As you know, to get a
passport, you need your birth certificate, right??   As I was in our
bedroom closet frantically searching through old purses, boxes, the fire
safe, etc., it dawned on me.....the "Vital Documents" folder in our
office, I ran downstairs, opened the file cabinet and guess what??
There were all 3 of our birth certificates, in the "vital documents"
file, right where you put them!   Your filing system REALLY WORKS.  This
is just one example of the many times this system has worked to our
advantage.  I can NOT thank you enough for what you have done to
help organize our home office and important / much needed documents.
I am in the process now of training my brain to look there 1st :  )

Again, thanks so much!

--C. P. & Family
Buford, GA

My real estate agent just left my home from taking pictures for the
virtual tour.  She was so impressed with the things you had helped me
do. My house looks great, and I couldn't have done it without you!

--D. M.
Loganville, GA

Your team of professionals have more vision and creativity than we
could have ever imagined. Every time we walk into one of our rooms we
find something that you utilized in a way that we never thought
possible. The furniture placement and decor make our house feel so
much larger and inviting.  
--M. C.
Atlanta, GA

My business related papers were a MESS and I felt hopeless about the
success of my business. You helped me so much that I even feel
healthier and definitely not so STRESSED.
--C. P.
Buford, GA

Melinda has been a lifesaver for me on a couple occasions – helping me
with my garage and my basement storage area a couple years ago.  
Then after the recent holidays I was just swamped at work and was
having trouble getting all of my extensive Christmas décor back into my
storage area.  She came the house one day and in a few hours she had
everything all neatly arranged and fitting in the space with organization
and room to spare – all while I worked from home on several things I
needed to get caught up on.  

Her services are reasonably priced and she provides you with tips for
organization I have been able to apply at home and in other areas.  I
highly recommend her to everyone with that closet, room or storage
space that has become a catch-all or is just an unorganized mess.   

L. G.
Snellville, GA
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