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Master closet BEFORE organizing
Master closet AFTER organizing
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Master closet BEFORE organizing
Master closet AFTER organizing
Master closet BEFORE
Master closet AFTER
BEFORE         AFTER   
BEFORE         AFTER   
Closet Boutiquing
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Girl's closet organized
Fitting all your clothing into a Master closet that is
obviously too small for both a husband and wife to share
can be tricky.
You want to be fair and give each person
equal space, but often one person has more clothing,
shoes, and accessories to store.

The solution: Maximize the space by grouping like items
together. That means all the blouses go together, all pants
together, dresses together, suits together, etc. Not only
does this look more organized visually, but similar type
items fit together better and take up less space. It also
makes it easier to choose an outfit when you can "shop"
from your own closet.

Note: Still not enough room to store everything? Consider
using a guest closet for off season clothing storage.
The Before picture shows the unpacking service provided
by the moving company. Their idea of unpacking is more
like "box dumping" as their goal is to simply remove the
boxes from the premises.
Our professional organizing
teams sort your clothing, match your shoes, and refold
items before neatly placing on the shelves in categories.
These pictures are a little hard to decipher because there is a mirrored wall as
soon as you walk into the closet (but it gives you more of a 180 degree view).
Clothing was categorized into casual, business attire, dressy, lingerie, coats
and jackets, and purses were placed on the overhead shelves.
Even little girls love a boutiqued closet!
Shoes were placed in clear plastic shoe
boxes (from the Container Store), and folded
items were placed on lower shelves and in
baskets. The wall on the left is filled with
hooks for belts, scarves, hair accessories,
and hats.