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The Dangers of Plastic Bags

By carrying your own shopping bags to
the store you help protect wildlife
save space in your pantry by
not needing to store the
plastic shopping bags you bring home.

This picture filled power point (author
unknown) shows the harmful effects of
irresponsible plastic bag disposal and
gives plenty of reasons for
NOT using them.

It made me want to say "no" to plastic
bags and I now carry reusable bags in
my purse at all times to tote my
purchases home in.
Click to watch
Getting organized is more
than just purchasing great
containers to hold all your
stuff. It's about using what
you have, donating what
you don't need, and
recycling whenever you
can, and not purchasing
things you don't need.

Click on
"The Story of Stuff" to
see where it all goes.
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I had the pleasure of
participating in a home
staging video with
Barb Schwarz, the
Creator of Home
Staging in 2006.